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Founded in 1999 METIZ Group of Companies has been successfully operating for more than fifteen years to provide high-tech innovative solutions and regain greater independence and freedom for people with permanent or temporary limited mobility.


METIZ Group holds a leading position in Russia in the development and production of high-quality, reliable, advanced components and materials for production of lower-limb prostheses. METIZ Group is exclusive distributor of prosthetic and orthopedic products of the most famous and popular foreign companies.


The activities of METIZ Group are mainly focused on four main directions:

  • - design, production and distribution of components and materials for prosthetics;
  • - distribution of components and materials of foreign producers for production of prosthetic and orthopedic products and orthopedic shoes together with providing field technical support in the development of new prosthetics technologies;
  • - distribution of orthopedic products and footwear;
  • - delivery of equipment for prosthetics, orthopedic and shoe shops.


The main emphases METIZ Group places on the design and manufacture of the components for production of highquality, functional and accessible to people prosthetic products.


The strategy of the company is based on the constant introduction of innovative solutions, maintaining of high quality of products that are not inferior to products of leading world producers. The special focus on caring for customers and meeting their needs enables METIZ Group to hold the leading positions in the Russian market.


METIZ Group has its own design office where highly experienced experts conduct research and design work to create new products, materials and technologies. Thanks to this approach the company's products are always notable for original technical solutions, many of which are protected by patents.


Materials that are used by METIZ Group for production of components for lower limb prosthesis have complex of unique properties - high strength, corrosion resistance, low density.


Exceedingly reliable materials - carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum alloys, and stainless steels, well-proven in aviation and space technology allow producing the components of prostheses safe for the patients of different activity levels. The quality of all materials is certified by certificates of conformity of the respective manufacturers and tested by incoming quality control.


The company introduced a quality management system conforming to international standards, which ensure the quality of products at all stages of the life cycle.


Production facilities are equipped with up-to-date equipment for manufacturing and testing of products. Knowledgeable staff and the system of internal standards provide stable and efficient process management.


The products delivered by METIZ Group are accompanied by all necessary permits and certificates in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and European Union.