Vendor code: 1H04Y


Technical Characteristics
Foot Selection

Carbon Foot 1H04Y is intended for patients with unilateral or bilateral transfemoral amputation at all levels or transtibial amputation on the boundary of the upper, medium and lower-third of it, can be used in prostheses after the disarticulation of the knee or hip joint.

Carbon Foot with the medium and high degree of energy saving is intended for amputees from 50 kg to 125 kg.

Carbon Foot 1H04Y is available in 5 categories of stiffness suitable for patients with moderate and high level activity depending on the patient’s weight.

Carbon Foot has the improved quality of damping in the phase of front push, easy and smooth roll. With an increase in walking tempo the energy return grows due to nonlinear increase in stiffness to carbon fiber elements.

Design of the front elastic element provides the increased stability in stance phase and energy return in the phase of rear shock. The foot is produced in right and left versions.