The strategy of METIZ is based on the application of innovative solutions, maintaining of high quality products that are not inferior to products of leading world producers. The special focus METIZ holds on meeting the customers’ needs and requirements.

METIZ has its own design office where highly experienced experts conduct research and design work to create new products, materials and technologies. Thanks to this approach METIZ's products are always notable for original technical solutions, many of which are protected by the patents.

The company introduced a quality management system conforming to international standards, which ensure the quality of products at all stages of life cycle.


Materials that are used by METIZ for production of components for lower limb prosthesis have complex of unique properties - high strength, corrosion resistance, low density. Exceedingly reliable materials - carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum alloys, and stainless steels, well-proven in aviation and space technology allow producing the components of prostheses safe for the patients of different activity levels. The quality of all materials is certified by the certificates of conformity of the respective manufacturers and tested by incoming quality control. 

Production facilities are equipped with the advanced equipment for manufacturing and testing of products. All products delivered by METIZ are accompanied by necessary permits and certificates in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and European Union.